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Nearly one million eight hundred thousand of individual dividend payments, implementation of the capital reduction, settlement for defunct shares, supplementary charge for the exchange of shares, consideration for the transition of shares to the major shareholder. The consignees around the world are 13 billion crowns richer thanks to our certified services. What is so unique about know-how, for which dozens of companies have decided to cooperate with us?

The importance of an elaborate start

In order to perfectly master the entire agenda, it is necessary to have a full commitment and diligence from the beginning. Therefore we devote enough time to initial consultations and discussions about the most appropriate and suitable solution. The output to this phase is a draft resolution on dividend payment. This essential document is submitted to the General Meeting for approval.

What is its content? It defines all relevant aspects both the initial and any potentially repeated payments (the amount of dividends per share before tax, deadline for the payment, due date, variants of payment for each group of recipients, the way of billing for costs incurred with the payment).

In accordance with the client and the Commercial Code we publish the approved resolution in the press, for advantageous financial terms thanks to our relationships with publishers.

We have the knowledge

Our team has experience not only with the practical realization of payments, but also deep knowledge concerning related taxation, national and international legislation and bookkeeping. This qualification gives our clients the security that we will completely take care of their project - from the calculation of dividends and then taxation in accordance with the Income Tax Act and possibly with the international treaties on avoidance of double taxation. We also perform a thorough examination of to make sure the authorized person is valid and entitled to payment of claims.

Unique software - our and your security

In order to successfully manage all transactions we use our special software. It is unique! The software is developed exclusively for us and has been helping us for more than 10 years. It controls all operations by cross checking and other ways, and thus provides certainty of correct, fast and secure process of payments and recoveries.

International guarantees of professionalism

Renowned international consulting firm Bureau Veritas has recognized Administer and has given us a reputable certificate ISO 9001:2008 to confirm our high level of services and processes. One of the awarded qualities is our high, multilayer protection against any type of error to the wrong payment or unauthorized account applicants, etc.

We work - You get the information

We realize that our clients have a lot of work and many challenges to overcome. Thus for the most part we can solve the issue of dividends for them, because in the context of the calculation and the payment we will take care of all related services such as data collection from the central register of booked securities, tax withholding and tax levying (that are registered by the tax office) the transmission of documents for the billing of dividends, tax, payments and fees for book-keeping in an agreed format and others.

After calculation and the single payment for shareholders comes a demanding and detailed work full of multiple payments to those whom the first payment failed to be delivered. (Due to change of name and address, residence abroad, inheritance procedure, guardianship, etc.) All of these cases are individual, thus involve individual communication, mainly over the phone or in a written form, with each applicant, with notaries same as with judicial commissioners, eventually with the court itself, and also involve a careful check of all documents (the decision on inheritance procedure, control and verification of account numbers for the payment by bank transfer, etc.) and continuously solving all questions and requirements.

Our client has a detailed overview over all these information through the DIVIDEND 2000 software, which is also connected to our informational system database.

Benefits / +

  • We have paid out nearly 13 billion in nearly 1.8 million different payment = Experience
  • Reliability and careful approach
  • Unique SW
  • Strict observance of the procedures according to ISO
  • Top expertise

Why us

1.png We guarantee the validity of General meeting's resolution
2.png We have had hundreds of realizations = we have experience
3.png We are a professional staff operating as a team.
4.png We work with our own technical background from the eSolution division
5.png This is all in accordance to the company law / legislation

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